Selected Discography

Fort Obvious – Something Happened (2022) (In production)

This new project encompasses the last several years of my vocal, pop-ish compositions. As usual, keyboards and voice are the central elements, but I got into synthesizers for this one, using them to complement and intermingle with the fundamental piano parts. My songs are still weird, pretty, and pleasantly dissonant. At least I like to think so.

Cat Food Picnic – Brunch (2022) (In production)

This is a bit of a departure for me. It’s the first instrumental album I’ve released (other than a soundtrack), and the style and sound of the songs isn’t the type of thing I thought I wrote. But these compositions just sort of fell out, something that doesn’t often happen for me. I went with it, and the result is a tranquil, moody, minimalist collection of musical impressions.

The Visible Men – Love:30 (2004)

This second and final (for now) album expanded and built on the sonic and dynamic personality of the previous record. We escalated the production and played electric more. The songwriting has more punch. During these sessions, Jordan Glenn became our permanent drummer, and the arrangements became more intuitive.

To hear, and/or purchase these songs, please visit our Bandcamp page

The Visible Men – In Socks Mode (2001)

Our debut album. Dan Schmid and I started this band as a duo, and when we got signed to Leisure King, we all agreed that we wanted to fill out the sound with drums. We used a host of different drummers, to give each song a unique sound, despite having essentially the same instrumentation (for the most part). The result is an album that is diverse, yet consistently itself. Pensive, spooky, goofy, and self-conscious.

To hear, and/or purchase these songs, please visit our Bandcamp page

Complete Discography

  • Estranger – The Quick (2021) (In Production)
  • Cat Food Picnic – Brunch (2021) (In Production)
  • Paul Lesinski – What You Hold Near (2020)
  • Mad Caddies – Punk Rock Steady (2018)
  • Kinothek – Relief (2017)
  • NoFX & Friends – Home Street Home (2015)
  • Mad Caddies – Dirty Rice (2014)
  • Fat Mike & Dustin Lanker – Rubber Bordello Soundtrack (2012)
  • Tony Sly & Joey Cape – Acoustic Volume Two (2012)
  • The Shell Corporation – Time & Pressure (2012)
  • Tony Sly – Sad Bear (2011)
  • Ellwood – Lost in Transition (2011)
  • Mad Caddies – Consentual Selections (2010)
  • C. P. D.* – Skaboy JFK (2009)
  • The Quick & Easy Boys – Bad Decisions With Good People (2008)
  • C. P. D.* – Susquehanna (2008)
  • Mad Caddies – Keep It Going (2007)
  • Yeltsin – We Will Be a Factory (2005)
  • Dan Jones & the Squids – Get Sounds Now (2005)
  • The Visible Men – Love:30 (2004)
  • Dan Jones – One Man Submarine (2003)
  • Tom Heinl – With or Without Me (2003)
  • The Visible Men – In Socks Mode (2001)
  • C. P. D.* – Soul Caddy (2000)
  • Freedom Funk Ensemble – Hard Bop Hop (1999)
  • Jim Olsen – Fragments (1997)
  • C. P. D.* – Zoot Suit Riot (1997)

*Band name abbreviated due to offensiveness